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I am very conscious about my food especially when away from my home. My parents always insisted me to have good food, that food is more than just something we eat, it nourishes the body, mind and spirit. These days the labels of the foods in our supermarkets look like complex biochemistry exam questions, with E numbers, additives and preservatives all over the place! We wanted to provide a place that was effortlessly healthy, where you can have a cake or a sandwich without having to worry about where the food came from or what it added into it, we’ve done the hard work for you! This thought was our inspiration to start a Brunch bar in Oxford, the concept of a healthy, sustainable, ethical restaurant and café.

In our restaurant, The Oxford Brunch Bar, we do business with many local suppliers, but in an ethically and sustainably practical way. Each dish is delicately crafted and seasonal, our ingredients are locally sourced organic that can grow in our climate where possible. Eating ethically is just got easier by sourcing from local artisan bread, farm-fresh fruits, and vegetables, eggs from Cackleberry farm; everything we serve has a much lesser impact on the environment and to create a positive influence on the lives of farmers. We chose suppliers that care about their growers, to ensure that everyone from the artisan bakers to the coffee growers is treated fairly and with respect.

We are open on weekdays and weekends to serve you a wide range of organic smoothies, fresh-pressed juices, tasty brunch dishes and more, everything to satisfy your cravings. We are proud to stand out from the rest by serving Degustibus Artisan Bread, a great sourdoug bread made with the dedication of a baker and years of experimentation and modifications of recipes, Arlington white eggs from Cackleberry Farm, Arlington white hens in traditional chicken houses, fed on fields planted with delicate herbs to make the eggs highly nutritious and beautifully flavoured, and we serve the best quality British meat, Vickars Game Meat, based in Royal County of Berkshire.

We love to promote health and sustainability by purveying healthy food with sustainable practices. The Oxford Brunch Bar’s menu is diverse and aims to provide organic ingredients as well as from small scale growers in our local community. There is an option for vegetarians, meat-eaters, and vegans alike. We care about everything whether it is big or small, from sourcing the products to serving, concentrating on the ingredients for coffee to Eggs benedict, we try to make it better, tastier and healthier, whatever it be we meticulously source all of our ingredients with passion and love.

We are completely committed to serving organic food, as we know that what we put into our bodies will have a great effect on our health and well-being. High-quality ingredients are grown with care, sourcing ingredients from farmers we know and trust, preparing food from scratch and with our exceptional hospitality all these criteria we design and adapted in our cafe, The Oxford Brunch Bar, to serve the community with pride and enthusiasm. Our mission is to operate a sustainable restaurant to make delicious and healthy food with like-minded people and inspire others to do ethical farming and sourcing.

We hope to see you soon!
Oxford Brunch Bar Team

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