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Welcome to the Oxford brunch blog! Where we aim to give you a little insight into the philosophy and values of the Oxford brunch bar, so you can get to know us even better.

Our community are at the centre of everything we do, which is why we only ever use local suppliers who share our passion for environmental responsibility, health conscious food and positive social impact. Also, part of our OBB community are our customers, which is why we always love to hear what you think and always welcome feedback! So, to start things off we’d like to post lovely review from a local food critic that truly made us smile:

 I came to know about The Oxford Brunch Bar from my friends, being an epicure, I was anxious to check it out for myself. I like to enjoy every bit of food.  The desire of tasting different types of brunch and coffees lead me to The Oxford Brunch Bar, a coffee place with serenity in the lively street of Oxford. I don’t like to be disturbed by anyone when I am having something delicious.

On this day we were just there for coffee, but we’re keen to revisit, as the menu is super interesting and intriguing with chunky chorizo bites fried with Arlington eggs and served on toasted sourdough which sounds incredible.

After having the brunch and coffee from The Oxford Brunch Bar, the most appreciable coffee house in Oxford, in my experience, which has been a family favorite of ours from then. I was very eager to know more about their recipes, ingredients, from where they source all products, especially their flavorsome cakes! I met a charming lady, Leah, who knows in and out of Oxford Brunch Bar, she fulfilled my queries in a way every manager of brunch bars should be.

The zealous owners’ source, roast, and brew coffee that they love to drink themselves and serve us with their utmost care and love. We can enjoy every sip with the feeling of what we are longing for. Whenever you looking for nearby coffee shops with a nice ambiance and the extremely chilled out service, The Oxford Brunch Bar is the best choice. At Oxford Brunch Bar we are all about staying connected and caffeinated because coffee is always better with our mates. A perfect venue for a weekend with our friends and family. They seek our love and laughter with cups of strong coffee and healthy food.

The Garden Breakfast Bowl involving smoky vegan sausage, Arlington eggs, tomato, beans, flat mushrooms, and toast decided for a health-conscious brunch. For vegan, another choice is, swap eggs for Avocado gives unique. All the ingredients are locally sourced and with high quality.

Coffee beans from Beanbags coffee blends are expertly brewed, and introducing alternative brewing styles, turns it out to be one of the best cafes in the city. It’s rich, smooth, and comforting coffee makes us more cheerful for the day.

If you want amazing coffee, tea, brunch, and lunch, The Oxford Brunch Bar is a good cafe in Oxford,  a locally owned coffee shop with a focus on coffee & community. They offer a variety of specialty coffee offerings, signature drinks, French toast, sandwiches as well as tea.  DeGustibus Artisan bread, and Arlington eggs, makes it extra special. The warmth of coffee feels fresh and tastes delicious moreover it is always much fun to try out with my favorite French toast.

The Oxford Brunch Bar, a nearby coffee shop for me, encourages customers to connect and make conversation over coffee, milkshake, smoothies, baked goods, breakfast, and brunch items. The elegant space contributes plenty of room to catch up with old friends or meet new people. The coffee comes from British roasters, Beanbags Coffee, and has put together a range to suit every palate and is complemented by a unique array of sweets.

The charming spot offers bread, baked from the dedicated and skilled baker, Degustibus Artisan Bread, as we know, sourdough making requires many years of experience, and trying out different adjustments in ingredients, makes the bread perfect.

 A hot cup of tea is perfect for making our insides feel all warm and refreshed, for the day. If you’re as passionate about tea you can order an afternoon tea at noon from Monday through Sunday. Tea service includes sandwiches, toasts, handmade cakes sourced from a local supplier, taste very delicious too. Whenever you desire tea, to make the day perfect then visit The Oxford Brunch Bar, one of the best cafes in Oxford city center. 

 In addition to coffee and tea, the spot will serve breakfast, brunch, desserts, drinks, and so on, the ingredients are from locally sourced only to ensure the quality and freshness as well as direct trade with farms to promote green farming. They create menus to reflect our taste for each one of us.

 I recommend you to come and have a deliciously creamy coffee that gives us the lift which we are looking for!

Thank you for reading our blog, we hope to see you soon!

All the best,

Oxford Brunch Bar Team

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