Our mission is simple, after 30 years in Oxford watching more and more chains open , as-well as less and less independent businesses, were changing it up.We deliver high quality, locally sourced ingredients and our dishes showcase the true taste of Oxford, from BeanBags coffee beans to our local independent fruit and vegetables supplier, Arlington White eggs, DeGustibus Artisan bread and many more!

​Our food is simple, wholesome and delicious.We don't just make coffee and sandwiches to sell them.​We believe that the food we eat makes a difference in our health, so everything we sell, is carefully sourced from local suppliers to maintain freshness and to ensure quality. We don't just use any bread. We buy our bread from a supplier that believes in making good old fashioned, artisan bread where the sourdough is made using a 3 days fermentation. That is why it taste so delicious! It is bread that heals your gut as well as your soul!

All of our suppliers are passionate about their produce, and so are we when we put together a plate of food for your you. Our team are always excited to talk about our food with you, if you have any questions please ask!



We believe food is health. ​The less additives the better, the more natural the healthier. We are what we eat but food is also tastier if it has grown in harmony with laws of nature and grown with the seasons. You are what you eat so don't be cheap, fast or fake!



Weekends are family and friend times. ​It is time to relax, take it slow and enjoy the day with good, tasty food. Come and join us all day for breakfast, coffee and cake or brunch, take your time and choose from many options, all prepared with love and care.